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Tele-Therapy at Bluebonnet Medical Rehab Outpatient Clinic

Connecting with our outpatient treatment team has never been easier!

Keeping you and our community healthy and safe, as well as maintaining mental well-being, have always been and remain our top priorities. As we face challenges presented by COVID-19, we also strive to provide the care and support you need to stay healthy.

Tele-therapy Services and Programs

We have transformed our outpatient program to a virtual platform, so that patients wishing to participate may do so with tele-therapy using their mobile device from the comfort of your home. This HIPAA-compliant format allows you to see and speak with a therapist just as you would during an in-person session — all in real time, respectful of social distancing practices.

Tele-therapy offers remote access to treatment services, including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Vision Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Benefits of tele-therapy can include:

  • Accessibility without the need to travel to the facility
  • Reduced wait times for appointment and assessment
  • Privacy and confidentiality via our secure platform
  • Continuity of care and follow-up services


What to do you need to access tele-therapy?
Mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) and an internet connection.

How long are sessions?
Each 1:1 session is one hour.

Do I need a prescription or a physician’s order?
Yes, you must have a referral from a medical professional (MD, PA or NP) in order to receive therapies.

Will my insurance cover tele-therapy visits?
We verify insurance benefits for every patient referred and determine preauthorization requirements.
We encourage you to contact your insurance company if you have more questions about your benefits
and coverage.

To make a referral, or learn more about tele-therapy, please call 512-462-6790, or visit texasneurorehab.com.