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Acute Neurology Management Program

Acute Neurology Management Program

Texas NeuroRehab Center (TNC) Acute Neurology Management Program

Texas NeuroRehab Center has a Disease Specific Care Certification in Brain Injury Rehabilitation from the Joint Commission®.

The Acute Neurology Management Program at Texas NeuroRehab Center is supervised by on-site neurologists. Individualized treatment plans, neurology management and frequent reassessment assure aggressive treatment and positive outcomes. The goal is to manage brain injury along with other illnesses and control environmental factors. These services are offered on an inpatient basis.

Diagnoses Treated

  • Acquired Brain Injury (from traumatic and non-traumatic experiences)
  • Stroke (CVA)
  • Other neurological disorders and complications

Comprehensive Services

  • Daily physician-directed program with hands on evaluation and patient care (24-hour nursing and direct care staffing)
  • Neurology Care Team, including on-site neurologists, neuropsychologists and registered nurses
  • On-site radiology
  • Evaluation of environmental factors that may affect brain injury
  • 24/7 Respiratory therapy and advanced ventilator and tracheostomy treatments
  • Treatment of chronic and long-term neurological effects
  • Increased mobility with assistance of physical therapy staff and treatment team
  • Collaboration with referring professional by on-site neurologists
  • Patient and family education regarding self-care and prevention
  • Private rooms
  • Interdisciplinary team to address co-morbidities
  • Case management and social work services
  • Participation in intensive rehabilitation therapy program
  • Opportunity to transfer to inpatient or outpatient post-acute brain injury program at discharge.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Dr. David Morledge

Dr. David Morledge, is a neurologist and has been the Medical Director of the Brain Injury Program at Texas NeuroRehab Center since 1988.

Dr. Gregory Tempest

Dr. Gregory Tempest is a full-time, on-site neurologist and has been with Texas NeuroRehab Center since 2010.