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Measuring Success

Texas NeuroRehab Center is committed to delivering an excellent experience and high-quality care for the patients that come into our care. We distribute satisfaction surveys our patients and families to gather feedback and opinions related to their experiences.

What do our patients and their families say about our facility?

97% report that they would return in they required additional treatment

Texas NeuroRehab Center strives to achieve the best outcomes for all of our patients. The goal is intensive rehabilitation so that our patients can resume the activities and lifestyle that they had prior to their injury or illness and return home.

The National Benchmark for the percentage of patients that return home after discharge is 34%.

Texas NeuroRehab Center’s percentage of patients that return home after discharge is 43% (9% higher than the National Benchmark and 7% higher than the Regional Benchmark).

Mobility is a key goal among many of our patients. For patients where mobility was a goal, 80% improved in wheelchair of walking mobility.

Texas NeuroRehab Center is an expert at ventilator patient care and weaning. How does Texas NeuroRehab Center compare in ventilator outcomes regionally and nationally?

*Data obtained from Annual Patient Satisfaction Survey 2020, LTCH Compare published on Medicare.gov in December 2020 and CMS Quality Reporting.
*Ventilator Liberation Rate and Liberated and Decannulated Data obtained from 2020 CMS Quality Reporting. Change in mobility data obtained from 2020-2021 CMS Quality Reporting.