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Our Patients

Our Patients

Meet Our Patients

Our patients are the foundation of Texas NeuroRehab Center (TNC)! Many of our patients are willing to share their stories and their journey that included TNC. We want to honor their success and willingness to share so we created a Wall of Honor in our facility and a virtual Wall of Honor right here.

Enjoy reading about these inspiring, amazing individuals!


Meet Kasi. Kasi completed the brain injury continuum of care program at Texas NeuroRehab Center. She started at Bluebonnet Medical Rehab. Hospital and transferred to the Tejas Post-Acute Brain Injury Program before discharging home. Kasi was originally hospitalized in November 2020 and discharged from Tejas in March 2021. Her main goal: “To be able to walk out of here.” At discharge, she did just that! Congrats on reaching your goals Kasi!


Meet Chrystal. Chrystal suffered a traumatic brain injury and was admitted to TNC. Upon discharge, she could talk, eat, feed herself and has made progress in mobility. Congrats Chrystal on your amazing recovery!


Meet Tony. Tony suffered a spinal injury bowling and when he admitted to TNC he was only able to minimally ambulate with a rolling walker. At discharge Tony could stand on his own! Congrats on your amazing outcome Tony!


Meet Andrew. Andrew suffered injuries in a car accident preventing him from being able to walk. Upon discharge from TNC Andrew was able walk again. Congrats Andrews on your amazing success!


Meet Jilissa. Jilissa sustained a spinal cord injury while boogie boarding. Prior to the accident, Jilissa was independent with all activities and was an Associate Professor and Director of Dance at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Upon admission to TNC, Jilissa was quadriplegic. Now Jilissa can walk independently and has complete function of all limbs. She can also talk, eat independently and sign her name. Jilissa’s amazing recovery should inspire all spinal cord injury patients!! She certainly inspired us! Congrats Jilissa!

Jelissa Texas Neuro


Meet Haley. When Haley first arrived at TNC she could not walk, talk or eat. She has pushed herself to succeed in all of her therapies. Haley currently attends Bluebonnet Medical Rehab. Clinic for her outpatient speech therapy where she walks in for every appointment. Haley, you inspire others to “Never give up!”


Meet Curtis. Curtis initially presented to the ER with edema and debility. He was morbidly obese (780 pounds) and had severe hypoxia requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. He was treated for potential pneumonia and pulmonary edema. Upon admission to TNC, he was bedbound. At discharge, he was able to transfer and walk with a bariatric walker and had lost almost 100 pounds. Congrats to Curtis and his continued progress to recovery!


Meet Cheyanne. Cheyanne was involved in a motor vehicle accident on July 26, 2016. She sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and required several surgeries, even after admission to TNC. Upon discharge from TNC, she participated in an inpatient post-acute brain injury (PABI) Program. She currently lives at home with her parents. Congrats to Cheyanne!


Mark was involved in a motor vehicle accident in December of 2017 and sustained a severe TBI. He was in a coma for 2 weeks and was admitted to TNC in February of 2018, followed by admission to our Tejas Post-Acute Brain Injury Program. At discharge, Mark was able to complete all basic ADLs without assistance, ambulate with a single point cane and use both hands. Congrats to Mark and his successful completion of treatment!


Meet Martel! Martel visited TNC yesterday on the one year anniversary of his motorcycle accident that led him to become a TNC patient. He wanted to visit and thank all of the clinicians and therapists that helped him in his AMAZING recovery! Everyone was thrilled to see his progress and spend time with him and his wife. Martel you truly inspire us!!! Thank you!!


Meet Kaitlin. She admitted to TNC 3 months ago requiring total care; she had a tracheostomy, a PEG tube, and was not verbalizing or following commands. The first Coma Recovery Score was 2 out of 23. Kaitlin surpassed her therapy goals while at TNC. She started at a Rancho Level 2 and is now at at Rancho Level 7. She is ambulating over 150′ without an assistive device, can climb a flight of stairs, dresses and grooms with supervision, and is able to eat a regular diet. Kaitlin is enjoying talking again with her friends and family, and of course, her fiancé. We are super proud of the accomplishments she’s made at TNC and honored to participate in her recovery!!


Meet Lacey, when she arrived at TNC she could not talk, move or feed herself. Now, Lacey can walk with a walker, is breathing on her own and can feed herself. Lacey wants to share her story to motivate other patients. Lacey, you truly inspire us!


Meet Josh. Josh is a professional cyclist from Scotland who was injured during a cross country race in Central Texas. We were honored to help Josh get strong enough to return home. Josh, it was a pleasure having you at TNC!


Meet Stephanie, when she was admitted to TNC she was unable to talk. Today, she visited us and personally thanked all of her therapists, nurses and physicians. We are so proud of her amazing recovery and that she returned to TNC to visit!


We would like you to meet David who is an example of what TNC does to provide the best patient experience. David was admitted to TNC with polytrauma and multiple fractures. He was unable to walk or put weight on either of his legs. He is now walking independently, has returned to work and ran a 5K! We are so proud to share David’s great experience here at TNC.


Meet Kameren! Kameren was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2014, where she sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and required several surgeries. She was in a coma for 47 days and had to re-learn how to walk and talk. Upon discharge from Texas NeuroRehab Center, she participated in inpatient and day post-acute brain injury programs. Today, Kameren works as a realtor and was featured in a TNC TV commercial. Congrats on your amazing success and everything you have done for TNC!!


Meet Nolan! Nolan fell on Halloween 2014 and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. Upon discharge from Texas NeuroRehab Center, he participated in an inpatient post-acute brain injury program. He made great progress and now lives independently. Nolan, congratulations on your recovery!


Meet James. James was admitted to TNC a year ago with complex lower extremity wounds and at the time of admission he unable to ambulate & had significant shortness of breath with any activity. After Inpatient and Outpatient services, he is now able to able to ambulate without an assistive device, walk up and down multiple flights of stairs and live independently. We are so proud of how far he has come!


Meet Sharon. Sharon a a former TNC patient, pictured here with Stephanie Carpenter, SW, was so pleased with her experience here at TNC that she was all smiles every day!


Meet Joel. On January 29, 2009 Joel’s heart stopped during surgery. After a two month coma he could not walk or talk. Inspired by his experience Joel now sells medical equipment. Joel was also featured in a TNC TV commercial. Joel, thanks for your dedication to TNC!


Meet Sam. On June 25, 2017 Sam was in a motorcycle accident. He was given a 10% chance to walk or talk again. Today he can walk, talk and works for TNC! Sam was also featured in a TNC TV commercial. Sam you are the greatest! Thanks for everything you do for TNC!


Meet Austin. Austin sustained a right thalamic midbrain hemorrhage on February 10, 2011 at 15 years of age. He required a ventriculostomy and shunt placement. Upon completion of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, Austin returned to high school and graduated from college. He currently teaches Special Education (Mathematics) in San Antonio, Texas. Austin, we are so proud of you!


Meet Jenna. Jenna suffered a traumatic brain injury. Upon admission to TNC she was unable to talk, eat, sit up and extreme left-sided weakness. Today Jenna talks, eats a regular diet and is learning to take steps. Congrats on your amazing recovery!

If you or your loved one are interested in sharing your TNC Story and being featured on our Wall of Honor, please reach out to: [email protected]