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Post-Acute Brain Injury Program

Post-Acute Brain Injury Program

Inpatient Post-Acute Brain Injury Program

Tejas, Texas NeruoRehab Center’s post-acute brain injury rehabilitation (PABI) facility

Tejas is Texas NeuroRehab Center’s (TNC) 22-bed, post-acute brain injury rehabilitation (PABI) facility located on the TNC Campus 10 minutes from Downtown Austin (Virtual Tour, Click Here). Texas NeuroRehab Center has served those with traumatic brain injuries, stroke and other neurological conditions for 36 years. Patients admitted to TNC will have a seamless continuum of care on one campus including the following levels of care: LTAC to Inpatient Rehab. to Post-Acute Brain Injury Rehab. to Outpatient Rehab. to home.

The post-acute brain injury program includes an individualized treatment plan for each patient adapted to the patient’s goals, personality and the community environment to which the patient and family will be discharged. The interdisciplinary team specializes in the treatment of neurological conditions, especially acquired after traumatic brain injury. The treatment team includes physicians, specialized nurses, personal care techs, therapists, speech language pathologists, neuropsychologists, dietitians and a case manager. All members of the team work toward the common goal of maximizing physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning to prevent/minimize chronic disability. Individual and group therapy sessions focus on these goals, helping patients reach their potential and improve independence.



2022 Patient Demographic Data:

  • Served 72 patients
  • 66% male, 33% female
  • Ages range from
    • 18–40=20%
    • 41-65=50%
    • 66-85=13%
  • Average length of stay = 64 days
  • Discharge to acute percentage = 2%


  • TBI/Anoxic brain injury = 42%
  • Stroke = 52%
  • SCI= 3%
  • Seizures = 1%
  • Parkinson’s = 1%

Tejas Post-Acute Brain Injury Program Outcomes


93% of our patients discharge home and return to the community.*

Brain Injury Continuum of Care on ONE CAMPUS:

Texas NeuroRehab Center is the ONLY program in Texas that has a full traumatic brain injury continuum of care all on one campus, that includes: Long-Term Acute Care, Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation, Post-Acute Brain Injury Rehabilitation (Tejas) and Outpatient Services.


Only post-acute brain injury program located within the Austin City Limits on a 67- acre, countryside campus.

Clinical Expertise:

The Tejas Program is overseen by several on-site clinicians who are at the forefront of their clinical fields.

CARF Accredited-Adult Residential Rehabilitation Program

Holly Schneider MA,CCC-SLP, Program Manager
Holly is a Speech-Language Pathologist with 22 years of experience with brain injury patients and an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) specialist and co-author of the Dynamic AAC Goals Grid-2.

Joy Strother, M.A., CCC-SLP, Director of Rehabilitation
Joy is a Speech-Language Pathologist and has 38 years of experience treating brain injury patients.


Jessica Brading, RN, BSN, CBIST, MBA, Director of Nursing is a Registered Nurse and has a Bachelors in Nursing. She has 12 years of nursing experience and over 5 years of traumatic brain injury clinical experience and is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer.

Dr. David Morledge, is a neurologist and has been the Medical Director of the Brain Injury Program at Texas NeuroRehab Center since 1988. Dr. Morledge oversees brain injury patient’s care at both Bluebonnet Medical Rehab. Hospital and Tejas Post-Acute Brain Injury Program. He follows patients through our continuum of care, easing the transition on patients and families, allowing for the best outcomes.

Tejas is the only Post-Acute Brain Injury Program that offers on-site physician consults from all of the following physicians and disciplines:

Dr. Laura Gilbey, on-site Pulmonologist, Executive Medical Director
Dr. Sean Gilbey, on-site Pulmonologist
Dr. David Morledge, on-site Neurologist, Brain Injury Program Director
Dr. Amy Arrant, on-site Internal Medicine
Dr. Chip Whisenant, on-site Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician and Board Certified Wound Care Physician
Dr. Craig Franke, on-site, Psychiatrist and Addictionologist
Dr. Daniel Garrison, on-site Neuropsychologist

Other unique services:

Therapies, in addition to physical, occupational and speech therapies:

  • On-site vision therapist
  • On-site audiology services
  • Vestibular certified therapist
  • Patient Care Techs (PCTs) are involved in our patients therapy
  • Daily individual therapies and group therapies
  • Weekend therapy and homework
  • Family training is set up as needed within the first two weeks and additional as appropriate
  • We encourage family involvement and involve them in training and patients progress
  • Tejas Alumni come back to visit, talk to other patients and attend groups
  • In-home evaluations prior to discharge
  • TBI Support Group every other Friday with our on-site chaplain

Clinical Capabilities:

  • Only PABI in Texas with on-site radiology (on the same campus)
  • On-site Aquatic Therapy and only PABI in Central Texas with on-site heated, indoor aquatic therapy pool
  • Patients are not transported daily long distances via bus between residential facility and therapy gyms/clinic; everything is located on one campus
  • On-site Pharmacy: we will not bill patient/families for medications, or require you to fill them and bring from home; this is covered as part of your stay
  • Tejas provides patient supplies: we will not bill patients/families for these or request that you bring your own supplies; this is covered as part of your stay
  • The program can accommodate different cultural needs including specialized diets, different languages, and celebration of religious or culturally significant holidays.
  • Our program conducts weekly rounds with the team and covering doctors on residents.
  • Staffings with resident, family member/s, therapy team and doctor – are within the first two weeks of admit and then monthly after that. Staffings – 15 minutes for formal staffing


  • All Private Rooms (no semi-private rooms)
  • Flat screen televisions in all bedrooms and common areas


Gregory Tempest, MD

Gregory Tempest, MD discusses the Post-Acute Brain Injury Program at Tejas.

Holly Schneider, Program Manager and Speech Pathologist

Holly Schneider, Program Manager and Speech Pathologist at the Tejas Post-Acute Brain Injury Program talks about what sets our program apart.

Margaret Stuart, DPT

Margaret Stuart, DPT discusses case management.

Pat Adams, RN

Pat Adams, RN discusses nursing.

Tyler Herman, PT

Tyler Herman, PT talks about Physical Therapy.

Abby Mallamace, OTR

Abby Mallamace, OTR talks about Occupational Therapy.

*Data obtained from patient discharge information from 2019-2021 to date.

In the event of changes in medical status a transition to a sub-acute or acute level of care may be required. The following could cause a resident to transition: 24-hour skilled nursing care and behaviors that place the resident or other residents at risk for harm