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Audiology Services

Audiology Services

Audiology Services

Audiology Services at TNC are coordinated with physicians and specialists for physical, neurological, psychiatric/psychological, visual, occupational, behavioral, and sensory rehabilitation. TNC provides diagnosis and treatment of disruption of the integrated auditory systems resulting from traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke and other neurological conditions.

Diagnosis’ Treated

  • Damage to the middle and/or inner ear affecting peripheral hearing and transmission of information to the brain
  • Damage to the auditory system in the brain that processes sound
  • Tinnitus and sound tolerance disorders
  • Vestibular function, balance, and oculomotor impairment
  • Acquired auditory dysfunction from vascular causes such as stroke, head cancers, tumors and ototoxicity

Auditory Assessment

  • Audition and speech perception
  • Auditory performance with competing noise or degraded acoustic signals
  • Auditory processing of timing patterns and acoustic contours of speech
  • Integration and separation of information between ears
  • Vestibular status
  • Neurophysiological auditory changes related to attention, discrimination, integration and memory

Auditory Treatments related to Brain Injury

  • Improvement in audition and information processing through amplification and assistive technologies
  • Focused therapeutic auditory/listening training
  • Cognitive and perceptual exercises
  • Auditory software/programs
  • Application of rhythm and music
  • Psychoacoustic treatments of tinnitus and sound tolerance

Goals of Auditory Treatment

  • Optimize audition for cognitive performance and re-acquisition of communication
  • Retrain and repair perception and neural processing of sounds and speech through neuroplasticity
  • Manage understanding of speech in noise
  • Neural timing and coordination of motor activities
  • Inhibitory/neurobehavioral and emotional regulation
  • Decrease confusion and distress
  • Improve quality of life and social engagement


Doctor of Audiology, Speech/Language Pathologist

Brain Injury Association of America and Interactive Metronome Certified

Dr. Shea possesses vast experience and expertise in applying auditory neuroscience to the assessment and treatment of traumatic brain injury and acquired neurogenic disorders including stroke.